JAMIEshow Muses Rooted Wig Caps
JAMIEshow Rooted Wig Caps
JAMIEshow Muses Rooted wig caps will only fit JAMIEshow Muses. 
The rooted wig caps are interchangeable on the JAMIEshow Muse dolls.  The dolls come with a smooth wig cap which can wear size 4 doll wigs, but the JAMIEshow doll smooth caps come off and you can replace them with any Rooted Wig Cap entirely changing the look of the doll with one easy step.  It's as easy as pull it off , and snap a wig on!  They are held in place to the head magnetically.  The hair is rooted in a soft version of the JAMIEshow patented J-Smooth Resin.