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JAMIEshow Muses Spring Wig Style 3

JAMIEshow Muses Spring Wig Style 3

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JAMIEshow Muses
Wig Style 2021-3

Introducing a limited edition collection of wigs to celebrate the Spring Season!  Made specifically for JAMIE Muses dolls and will fit previous incarnations of JAMIEshow 12" Dolls.  These are rooted hard wig caps, that can be placed on the head of the doll when you remove the bald wig cap she comes with.  The dolls can also were regular size wigs for 12 Dolls.  Please note these will not fit any other manufactures dolls as wigs.  Only the JAMIEshow line of dolls has this unique feature of being able to completely change the look of your doll by effortlessly change her wig cap!  
They can also be worn by the JAMIEshow Demi Dolls.
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