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Jamieshow"At the Premiere" Rock Nude Doll

Jamieshow"At the Premiere" Rock Nude Doll

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Rock Basic Nude Doll
Hollywood Collection

The Rock  was an exclusive limited to a very small number of dolls for the JAMIEshow 2020 Premier Collection.  Rock is debonair indeed.  He is the perfect companion for any JAMIEshow Doll.    He wears a molded head cap and comes with a bald cap as well.  Male dolls do not include a stand. 

Rock is a resin Ball Jointed doll made of JAMIEshow Trademark J-Resin.  He stands 17" tall and has 19 points of articulation. Included are his smooth wig cap as well as the moulded wig cap shown. 
NOTE: Does not include clothing.

Ltd. International Edition
10 Pcs.

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